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Quickstep Strollers Fitness Club is here to get you into shape this summer!

For some people the thought of running or going to the gym can be daunting and no matter how much you want to get fit it can sometimes be a stumbling block difficult to overcome.


The solution: Walking!


Everyday we walk around oblivious to the fact that this most simple of tasks is actually an amazing fat burner. By simply adding a slightly more vigorous and lengthy walk to your day you will see astounding weight loss results quicker than you ever imagined.



Quickstep Strollers Fitness Club has been developed for those people who want to walk quickly and socially in groups to improve their fitness level and shed those extra pounds.


But who will support me?


Former Olympic athlete and fully qualified England Athletics coach, John Paddick, will be with you every step of the way as you learn the most efficient way to increase your walking speed. Every session is different and people of all abilities will be able to move at a pace that suits them and will help them to reach their personal fitness goals.